“Thanks so much Denis for all the contacts and information about the birth family in Perm city. It has been such a good help. You are a provisional at what you do and it shows. We would highly recommend your tracing services!”
Co. Louth, Ireland

"For twenty years I wondered about my family. One man did his best. He not only connected me with my uncle Oleg, but also with my cousin!
He sent me photos, videos and a complete written report on all his findings. I just want to thank Denis Rybakov for everything and for filling the hole in my heart that is finally filled with family and love. Hiring Denis Rybakov to find my biological family in Russia was one of the best choices I made! So thankful! 💕💋 "
New Hampshire, USA
"My son was adopted from Ryazan Baby Home in 2005 and we were aware from our court hearing and our court documents that he had a family in the Ryazan region. In 2014 we established contact with the birth family and have engaged in regular contact with them since then. Denis Rybakov has facilitated all our contact with the family and he has shown great empathy and concern for the family and has visited them on a number of occasions on our behalf. Earlier this year my son’s birth mother was ill and Denis Rybakov very kindly arranged for us to visit and meet with the family. This took considerable organisation as it involved four families in a number of locations and Denis had everything planned and organised such that we had plenty time to spend with each family. We visited Moscow and Ryazan in November 2017 and we met with the birth mother, sisters and relatives. Denis is a wonderful facilitator as he has patience, empathy and a great understanding of life. We spent two memorable days in Moscow where Denis very kindly organised tickets for the Bolshoi ballet and the Russian Circus and a day trip to the Sergiev Posad Monastery near Moscow. Thank you Denis for your continued help and support at such an important time in our lives."
MARY and John
Co.Clare, Ireland
“We recently worked with attorney Denis Rybakov on a search for our daughter’s biological family in Russia and we highly recommend his services to any adoptive family seeking their child’s Russian family of origin. Mr. Rybakov’s legal fees were reasonable and he was discreet, professional, diligent, and timely in the search. He was able to locate her family members remarkably quickly, and the care and skill he employed in obtaining this information went above and beyond our expectations. Mr. Rybakov’s communication throughout the search was thorough and responsive to our many questions and he was kind and respectful of our emotions surrounding this sensitive endeavor. He even provided links to photos and video clips he recorded in the towns where he searched to give us a sense of place for locations significant to our daughter's life story (e.g., the hospital where she was born). It was clear that Mr. Rybakov shared in our family’s joy at this successful search and that he was motivated in his work by a sincere desire to facilitate reunification of families. The information he has provided our family is a precious gift, and we will always be grateful.”
Jami and Michael
Colorado, USA
“Thank you Denis for giving me an opportunity to find my mama!! You do amazing work! You found my mama when I thought it wasn't possible! Thank you for giving me hope!”
Oregon, USA
“I hired Denis to help find the birth family of an 18 year old Kristina who is a dependent of Ventura County Children and Family Services. Kristina was adopted from a Russian orphanage as a young child but ultimately placed in long-term foster care here. Her social worker and I hoped that we might find members of her family who could provide her with information about her background and possibly with an emotional connection to relatives. Denis traveled to Orsk, the town where she was from, and set off on his search to find Kristina's family. Unfortunately he determined that her mother died several years ago and that her only other survivor, a sister, had moved to a distant city and could not be located. However, Denis spent many hours interviewing a long-time neighbor of her mother's who had a great deal of information about the family. The neighbor remembered Kristina and shared information about the circumstances and condition of the home environment. Denis provided me with a video of his interview along with a transcript of it in English. He also provided me with a number of photographs of the house and neighborhood. He told me he searched social media sites for the sister to no avail. He said that left his name and contact information with the neighbor for her to contact him if the sister should ever return as the apartment is still in the sister's name. Although we did not get the outcome we had hoped for I was very pleased with the service that Denis provided. It was worth the money we spent to know that Kristina's mother is no longer living and that her sister can probably not be found. It was also helpful to know that her father is not likely to ever be found either and that there were no other relatives involved with the family. Sometimes less-than-good news is better than no news at all. Denis was very communicative with me and I found him to be thoroughly professional and reliable. Based on my experience I would not hesitate to recommend him to others. I hope this helps and I wish you luck.”
California, USA
"I was somewhat skeptical when I began considering whether to engage a service to try to obtain more information about my adopted son's birth family in Russia. After all, he had been adopted in 2003. But the testimonials and reports about Denis persuaded me to give it a try early this year. The information he discovered and provided far exceeded my expectations! He made two trips: one to my son's birthplace and another to his grandfather's residence. Denis interviewed family members, videotaped interviews and places where my son had lived during his 9 months in Russia, obtained old photographs of his biological family members and prepared an extensive report on his findings. One thing that I had never considered was how much relief and joy just knowing his grandson was well could bring to the granddad. This was a very powerful and emotional experience. I am immensely grateful to Denis for his superlative work."
Gary and Courtney
North Carolina, USA
“Denis was our facilitator and barrister when we adopted our son in 2005 and over the years we have kept in contact with Denis and his family. We have recently made contact with our son’s adoptive family in Russia and Denis has assisted us greatly by meeting them in person on our behalf and establishing an on-going means of contact between our family and the birth family. We highly recommend Denis as he is caring and sensitive in his approach and has a great insight into the Russian culture and socio-economic conditions prevalent throughout Russia.”
John and marIE
Co. Limerick, Ireland
“We used Denis Rybakov for a family search in Tver in 2018. He did an outstanding job and we can wholeheartedly recommend him!”
Virginia, USA

“Denis in a word is AMAZING! He helped find my daughter’s birth family in Blagoveshensk. Professional and always keeps you updated. The write up, photos and videos were incredible. Could not recommend Denis more highly. If you need to do a Russian search, Denis is your guy!”
Melissa and Kendall
Texas, USA
“We adopted a Russian boy in 1999. As he grew older his questions about his biological family became more persistent and we decided to seek assistance in the matter of finding his biological family. We had little more than a family name and a region. After considering firms within the US to help us in this matter, we turned to the Russian attorney Denis Rybakov. Unlike the US firms, his approach and fee schedule were not only completely reasonable but there was a transparency and eagerness to serve that we found nowhere else. Written communications and responses were clear and used good English. Similarly, Mr. Rybakov spoke to my son personally by phone. In due course, Mr. Rybakov travelled to a remote part of Russia and was able to locate my son's birth family within one week after his arrival. We have subsequently been in regular contact by Skype and e-mail. Mr. Rybakov facilitated the translations for in-person meetings as well as written messages. In all ways he is exceptional and receives or profound gratitude and highest possible endorsement.”
William and Mary
Texas, USA
"In 1996, I was a single adoptive parent of one child I had adopted at birth. I was living in the Bay area of CA, and the birth family of my daughter lived in AZ. I wanted to adopt another child, and my daughter wanted a sister. I noticed Elena’s picture on the internet, and was delighted when the international adoption agency I used matched me to this same child! It was meant to be. Elena was 5-10 years of age when I adopted her from Russia, and 13.5 months younger than her soon-to-be older sister. The adoption went smoothly, and we arrived “home” on May 18th, 1996. My elder daughter had 80+ photos of her extended birthfamily, and lots of family history. Contact with the family has been maintained since birth. Elena had no pictures, no family history, no contact. In fact, I was under the impression that Russia discouraged such contact, or even telling an adopted Russian infant that they were adopted–so different from the understanding of the needs of adoptive children in the USA. I was beyond delighted when I discovered Denis Rybakov in late summer, 2016. I asked Elena, now 26, if she wanted to pursue locating her birthmother. She was ambivalent about searching–concerned she would discover her birthmother had passed away, given her severe alcoholism. In late September 2016, Elena decided to proceed with the search. I sent Denis a retainer, copies of relevant documents, and current photos of Elena. I also asked him to find, and give photos of Elena to the head of the younger children’s section of the orphanage from which Elena was adopted. Elena and she were very fond of one another. Amazingly, two days after leaving Moscow, Denis was back reporting that he found both the now-retired orphanage director and Elena’s birthmother, Svetlana. He emailed us still photos of the place where Elena had lived with Svetlana, where Svetlana now lived, of the countryside/city in the area, and a video of his interview with Svetlana, translated into English. He has subsequently translated and sent conversations with Svetlana, and our family Christmas letter (English to Russian). Elena, I, and Denis Skyped about a month after he located Svetlana, to further voice questions Elena had for Svetlana. This has been a remarkable experience for all of us, and an immense relief for both Svetlana and Elena to know the other is alive and well. We can’t thank Denis enough for providing this remarkable service, and helping Svetlana and Elena heal a deep wound."
Oregon, USA
“We have known Denis for about 13 years now. Denis was our Facilitor many years ago and we were extremely happy as he is a very caring and sensitive person. We have two children and I always wanted to find out more information on their birth families. I had tried in many different ways before now and then discovered Denis was now helping families. We were delighted as we knew Denis. Denis was so professional and caring in the process of the searching of our children's birth families. We were so lucky with all the information we got and realize that some people may not be so lucky. Denis traveled to where our children were from and met with their families, got videos, pictures and plenty of information for us. All this was done very quickly from the time we asked Denis to start the search. He continues to help us with any questions we have and he has and will continue to keep in touch, pass on photos etc that we wish to send to the birth families. He has got answers to all the questions we asked. He truly is wonderful. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Denis, he is just so professional but caring and thoughtful too.”
Mick and Mary
Co. Kildare, Ireland
“Denis was our facilitator when we adopted our sons and we were delighted when he set up this service as he is a kind gentleman. We knew he would do a thorough search in a sensitive way. When, he returned from Russia, he very quickly sent us a detailed report, a video message and photos. It was a lot to take in for us and brought up a lot more questions and emotions. Denis, dealt with our emotions kindly and got answers for those questions in a very timely fashion which was great for us. He will now translate letters for us to send to the birth family and this is very important to us so we can keep up communication with them now.”
Peter and Noreen
Co. Kilkenny, Ireland
“I am writing this letter of recommendation for the next family that might be considering a search to find a biological parent for themselves or their child.  The search can seem overwhelming and scary if attempted on your own. Our search was successful due to Denis M. Rybakov’s expertise and was a pleasant experience due to his professionalism and kindness.    Working with Denis is very easy and straightforward.  We corresponded easily through email, he kept us updated on his travel plans and provided a final report quickly after meeting our daughter’s biological mother.  Denis traveled under snowy winter weather conditions to a remote village in Siberia to meet our daughter’s biological mother. Something we could not have done. Denis has a deep understanding and grace on how to respectfully approach a birth parent - knowing they have their own story and challenges.  It is those qualities that helped enable our daughter to now have the information and photos she has today.  I am so thankful we found Denis M. Rybakov to assist our family in learning more about our daughter’s biological family.  If we ever need any additional assistance I would definitely contact Denis M. Rybakov.”
Georgia, USA
“Denis is an extraordinary attorney who has been of tremendous assistance to our family. Denis helped us make contact with my adopted son’s family many years after his adoption. His level of service is rarely found anywhere.”
Texas, USA
“Denis is wonderful, he has helped us with family search and communication. Kind man...”
Sara and Andrew
Ohio, USA