In Loving Memory of

Steve Rabbette


I first met Steve Rabbette in Moscow in 1999 and it was a truly fateful meeting that enabled many Russian children to find loving Irish parents. Steve introduced me to an Irish couple who wished to adopt a child from Russia and so the very first Irish adoption from Russia took place in 2000 and the very last one was completed in 2010. In all over 100 Irish adoptions were completed within ten years – ten very happy, busy and unforgettable years!

Steve had a great insight into the emotions and spirit of the Irish adoptive parents – he always found the right way to calm them down before stressful court hearings with great stories, jokes and the right words. Steve was a larger than life Cork man – always positive, smiling and never discouraged. Steve was a real gift to me and to all the Russian children who happily live in the loving Irish families today.

Steve was an active member of the Saint Patrick’s charity of Russia and he was instrumental in raising significant funding which he then put to great use for the Russian children who continued to live in orphanages and who were less lucky than those who found adoptive families.

Steve returned to Ireland in 2010 and departed our world in June 2011 due to cancer…

I am endlessly grateful for meeting Steve in Moscow back then in 1999 and for all his efforts to make dreams come true for many wonderful Russian children. Steve’s generosity, kindness and love will always stay in our hearts!