Adoptive parents A & B applied to me to search for the Russian birth family of their adopted sons, in Perm region. The only available information was the surname and given name of the birth mother and the village where she resided at the time the child was placed in the Orphanage.

I went to a small village 20 miles outside Perm city and first visited the village Administration. The head of the Administration drove me to the house of the birth mother. The birth mother was very afraid and did not open the door as she thought we came from the Police.

I returned to Perm city and soon after arrival in the hotel, I received a phone call from the Administrator and he gave me the phone number of the birth mother’s sister. I phoned the sister, gave her the background to my visit and she arranged a meeting with the birth mother.

Next day I returned to the village and met the birth mother and her sister. They were emotional but very happy to know that the children were safe and well and were in a good family. I passed them on photos of the children and their adoptive parents and the letter provided by the adoptive family (translated into Russian).

I took a video message from the birth mother and she passed on her greetings to the children and the adoptive parents with tears in her eyes and expressed her wish to meet the children and the adoptive parents in Perm region one day. I also got extensive information about all the birth family members, which I have passed on to the adoptive family.